What's CashVille?

CashVille Kidz is an educational, animated series of 24 episodes. Each episode focuses on a specific financial lesson about saving money, developing positive spending habits, investment, but the need for balancing finance with friends and family also presents important moral lessons. Modelled after educational programs like Dora the Explorer, Captain Planet, and Cha-Ching, CashVille Kidz depicts the four main kids ranging in age from 10-12 on fun Money Adventures.

Each short episode lasts about seven minutes and follows the gang of Penny, the responsible and caring leader; Sens, the nerdy and brilliant second-in-command; Barry, the youngest carefree daredevil; and Suzy, the spoiled daddy’s girl. A cast of supporting characters range from a schoolteacher and sports coach to town thieves who cause all kinds of trouble. As each main character confronts individual challenges, we see their personalities develop, and the targeted audience of 10-12-year-olds learn and grow with them.

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